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August 2016 Special--Basic Service 89.99 use code AUG16

  1. 1
    Our basic treatment includes 3 -15 minute sessions. Teeth may improve up to 8 or more shades with this treatment. $239.99
  2. 2
    Our expanded treatment includes 3-15 minute treatment sessions, a Touch Up Pen and an Enamel Booster Pen $289.99
  3. 3
    Our comprehensive treatment includes 3-15 minute sessions, a Touch Up Pen, an Emanel Booster Pen and a 2 month supply of Daily White cleaning & Whitening Dental Foam $329.99
  4. 4
    Home Treatment
    Deluxe Take Home Kits. Comes with gel, mouth guard, blue light and instructions to allow you to do several treatments at home. $149.99